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Welcome to the Spanish 4 Me website!

The Spanish 4 Me program is designed to gradually enable students to attain proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing in an enjoyable and effective manner. Our Spanish program for children exposes students to the sounds and culture of the Spanish language through games, songs, and more. Our program is intended to be interactive/fun exposure to the language. Please see our F.A.Q. section of our forum, for more information.

 Summer Program activities include:

  • Outdoor games and exploring
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Board games* (clue, life, monopoly, etc.)
  • Spanish Immersion
  • International Culinary Arts
  • *All Spanish, of course!

S4Me Team We will come to your place!

If you would like private or group Spanish lessons at your place (school, club house, etc.) contact Spanish4Me. Atlanta Metro Area

Local & International Classes

Atlanta, GA
Spanish Immersion Language for children are held throughout Metro area.
• story telling • fun crafts • songs • games • music • creative movement • cooking lessons and other activities that connect with children to expose them to the Spanish language. [more info]

Spanish Immersion Summer Program

(for children 3-11 years old )
Campers will become more familiar with the Spanish language and increase their language acquisition skills during group projects where kids work together with Spanish speakers campers. Students are encouraged to celebrate international diversity and develop their understanding of the cultural aspects of language. Campers will participate in different activities:
• Art • Science • Music • Mass media • Theater
• Camping • Environment

Guided Tours for Parents:

Guadalajara Land of Tequila, Mariachis and Friendly People!

Some of the places we will take you: Downtown Guadalajara: Plaza Tapatía is a pedestrian mall that stretches several blocks surrounded by the Cathedral of Guadalajara, Government Palace, the state museum and the Cabañas Cultural Institute.
Lago de Chapala: The Lake is an excellent place to relax and enjoy outstanding weather year round.
Tequila: Magical town where the traditional Mexican drink is distilled.

The Spanish 4 Me Team proudly serves schools throughout the metro Atlanta area. Fulton County School System approves Spanish 4 Me as an educational enrichment provider for Spanish Language Lessons in after school programs (ASP) and other enrichment programs. S4Me program is approved by Cherokee County Schools and also Partners in education with Bascomb E. S4Me works with Cobb County School District in their Reach for the Stars Program.Enjoy The Future, Enjoy Languages!

Why Learn a Foreign Language?

Coco Aguirre R.
Director, Spanish 4 Me, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia

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